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  I was one of the only kids in college who had a reason to go to the . box at the end of the day, and that was mainly because my mother has never believed in email, in Facebook, in texting or cell phones in general. And so while other kids were BBM-ing their parents, I was literally waiting by the mailbox to get a letter from home to see how the weekend had gone, which was a little frustrating when Grandma was in the hospital, but I was just looking for some sort of scribble, some unkempt cursive from my mother.

  And so when I moved to New York City after college and got completely sucker-punched in the face by depression, I did the only thing I could think of at the time. I wrote those same kinds of letters that my mother had written me for strangers, and tucked them all throughout the city, dozens and dozens of them. I left them everywhere, in cafes and in libraries, at the ., everywhere. I blogged about those letters and the days when they were necessary, and I posed a kind of crazy promise to the Internet: that if you asked me for a hand-written letter, I would write you one, no questions asked. Overnight, my inbox morphed into this harbor of heartbreak -- a single mother in Sacramento, a girl being bullied in rural Kansas, all asking me, a 22-year-old girl who barely even knew her own coffee order, to write them a love letter and give them a reason to wait by the mailbox.

  Well, today I fuel a global organization that is fueled by those trips to the mailbox, fueled by the ways in which we can harness social media like never before to write and mail strangers letters when they need them most, but most of all, fueled by crates of mail like this one, my trusty mail crate, filled with the scriptings of ordinary people, strangers writing letters to other strangers not because theyre ever going to meet and laugh over a cup of coffee, but because they have found one another by way of letter-writing.

  But, you know, the thing that always gets me about these letters is that most of them have been written by people that have never known themselves loved on a piece of paper. They could not tell you about the ink of their own love letters. Theyre the ones from my generation, the ones of us that have grown up into a world where everything is paperless, and where some of our best conversations have happened upon a screen. We have learned to diary our pain onto Facebook, and we speak swiftly in 140 characters or less.

  But what if its not about efficiency this time? I was on the subway yesterday with this mail crate, which is a conversation starter, let me tell you. If you ever need one, just carry one of these. (Laughter) And a man just stared at me, and he was like, "Well, why dont you use the Internet?" And I thought, "Well, sir, I am not a strategist, nor am I specialist. I am merely a storyteller." And so I could tell you about a woman whose husband has just come home from Afghanistan, and she is having a hard time unearthing this thing called conversation, and so she tucks love letters throughout the house as a way to say, "Come back to me. Find me when you can." Or a girl who decides that she is going to leave love letters around her campus in Dubuque, Iowa, only to find her efforts ripple-effected the next day when she walks out onto the quad and finds love letters hanging from the trees, tucked in the bushes and the benches. Or the man who decides that he is going to take his life, uses Facebook as a way to say goodbye to friends and family. Well, tonight he sleeps safely with a stack of letters just like this one tucked beneath his pillow, scripted by strangers who were there for him when.

  These are the kinds of stories that convinced me that letter-writing will never again need to flip back her hair and talk about efficiency, because she is an art form now, all the parts of her, the signing, the scripting, the mailing, the doodles in the margins. The mere fact that somebody would even just sit down, pull out a piece of paper and think about someone the whole way through, with an intention that is so much harder to unearth when the browser is up and the iPhone is pinging and weve got six conversations rolling in at once, that is an art form that does not fall down to the Goliath of "get faster," no matter how many social networks we might join. We still clutch close these letters to our chest, to the words that speak louder than loud, when we turn pages into palettes to say the things that we have needed to say, the words that we have needed to write, to sisters and brothers and even to strangers, for far too long. Thank you. (Applause) (Applause)


  Good morning/afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My topic is: faith does make a difference to our life.

  The recent earthquake in Japan has triggered a series of unexpected crises and even faith crisis among us. Are the increasing natural disasters echoing the 20xx prediction by Maya? Is our future really so vulnerable and tentative? I am trying to probe the answer.

  Last November, as a volunteer of the Global Sustainable Leaders Forum, I first came across the concept of social entrepreneurship. In the inspiring speeches, I saw the determination and faith of converting ideal into practice. I couldn’t help asking myself: what should I live for?

  The great thinker Russell once put in his essay: Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.

  By launching donation campaigns and bearing social responsibility, Bill Gates reshaped the stereotyped faith of businessmen.

  Then, how can I make a difference? A talk with my father gave me some inspiration.

  My father is a superfan of traditional Chinese calligraphy. When I was a kid, I had the faintest idea why I should practise routinely this form of art. It was terribly boring. But Dad said seriously: As a Chinese, we need to pass down and promote our rich culture. It is our responsibility.

  Yang Lan, a well-known TV host once said: As a media worker, I want to track down the passage of time and history by conducting interviews. For me, the responsibility outweighs the occupation itself.

  Far back to Confucius, who was once obscure and humble, undertook the seemingly hopeless task of building a harmonious society. But with his strong faith, hemade a change by spreading the seeds of wisdom.

  The story about three craftsmen further illustrates the power of faith. When asked about their work, one said: I'm piling up the bricks. Another replied: I'm building the wall. The third responded: I'm designing a home for people. These three replies mirrored distinct insights toward work: Task, job, and undertaking.

  In my university, students majoring in National Defence choose to devote their golden years to safeguarding our mother land. They have interpreted faith with their own dynamic youth.

  My friends, musicians can not simply provide us with lyrical notes, but create melody to sooth our soul; Scientists can not merely invent machines, but utilize their wisdom to reshape our lifestyle; teachers can not just impart knowledge, but usher us to become a worthy person!

  So, my dear friends, life without faith is just like music without melody, and world without color. We are who we choose to be. It is faith that’ll remove our fear about future and stretch the radius of our life. Let faith light up all our young dreams.

  Thank you!


  Every one of us, rich or poor, should at least have one or two good friends. My friends will listen to me when I want to speak, will wipe my eyes when I cry, will take care of me when I am sick, and my friends will go together with me side by side through this journey of life.

  As students, we could share more time with our friends. The friendship in our young hearts is pure, fresh and simple. I often feel very lucky to have a lot of good friends. Especially when I had Justin as one of my best friends. Justin was my English teacher from the USA. I met him in 1996 when I was a student who could only speak very little English. Justin was a vivid young man with a bright smile on his face, and he always had his special way to make the class active and attractive. He taught us English by telling stories, playing games, singing songs, and even dancing. I could still remember very clearly that one afternoon when we fin-ished our class, we went to some other classes to sing songs for them, just like what people do in the states on Christmas Eve. It was so interesting and unforgettable. Justin was an excellent teacher, because he taught us not only how to study English well, but also the way to find out the beauty of the world and the way to be angels to others' lives. I know there was

  friendship and pure love in our hearts. Facing this valuable emotion neither nationality nor age was important, the real importance lay in faith, under-standing, and care. Justin is the best friend I have ever had, and I know I will cherish those days of staying together with him as the best part of my memory.

  Friendship is a kind of treasure in our lives. It is actually like a bottle of wine, the longer it is kept, the sweeter it will be. It is also like a cup of tea. When we are thirsty, it will be our best choice, but when we have enough time to enjoy ourselves, it is also the most fragrant drink.

  However, in this fast-developing modern society, the reality is not that. More and more people forget to enjoy the beauty of life and -the beauty of friendship. They work hard in order to gain a higher position, in the society and to earn more money for their work. Of course, we don't deny that it is important to find a bet-ter place in our lives, but we wish more and more people could pay a little more attention to themselves and their friends. All of us have to spare some time for personal lives. We have to find the chance to express our emotion and love. When staying with our friends, we can release ourselves completely. We can do whatever we want, we can laugh together, talk together, and even cry to-gether. I should say that being together with our best friends is the most wonderful moment of our lives.

  As we know, we would feel lonely if we didn't even have a friend. But it doesn't mean we could depend on our friends all the time. There is a famous motto saying that “A friend is like a quilt with cotton wadding, but the real thing that keeps you warm is your own temperature.” It is really true. We have to work hard together with our friends, encourage each other and help each other. When we receive love and friendship, we should repay as much as we can.

  Finally, let's pray together now that one day, all of us could find the person we want to find, and could enjoy a real beautiful friendship in our lives. Let's pray the flower of friendship be-tween our friends and us would always bloom brightly in our hearts.


Students, guests , teachers and Honorable Judges

  Good morning !

  my great pleasure to share my dream with you today. my dream is to becom#e a teacher....

  As the whole world has its boundaries, limits and freedom coexist in our life. I don’t expect com#plete freedom, which is impossible. I simply have a dream that supports my life.

  I dream that one day, I could escape from the deep sea of thick schoolbooks and lead my own life. With my favorite fictions, I lie freely on the green grass, smelling the spring, listening to the wind singing, breathing the fresh and cool air and dissolve my soul in nature at last. Simple and short enjoyment can bring me great satisfaction.

  I dream that one day the adults could throw their prejudice of com#ic and cartoon away. They could keep a lovely heart that can share sorrow and happiness with us while watching cartoon or doing personal things. That’s the real com#munication of heart to heart.

  I have the belief that my dreams should com#e true. I am looking forward to some day com#ing when I am like a proud eagle, which flies to the blue and vast sky.


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