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  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 1

  My aunt went to Nanning to see me yesterday. I was very happy. She arrived on friday niht. On Saturday, we went to the zoo, which has many interesting things. There are lovely delphis, sealions, special birds, acrobatic show, and so on. However, the most excited thing is the Roller Coaster,

  which is the thing that I dream to play but dont dear. Having hesitated for a long time, I decided to play once. In fact,I wasnt too afraid to play it. When we went out the zoo, it was already six o’clock. It was our dinner time. After dinner,I had to go back to school. It’s a wonderful day!


  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 2

  My school day is vey busy.

  There are 6 classes in a day4 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.in the morning i have ChinesemathEnglish and history classI like English and history class very much because they are interesting.but I dont like math class.becase its very difficult.in the afternoon i have music and PE class.i like PE best.because its my favorite subject.its very exciting .

  this is my school day.its busy but i fell happy.




  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 3

  A day in my life

  My family lives on this street. In the morning, my father goes to work and all the children go to school. My mother takes us to school everyday. She does the housework. She always has her lunch at home, and sees her friends in the afternoon. In the evening all the children come home from school. They always get home early. My father goes home from work and he is often late. After supper my two brothers and I do our homework. We go to bed at ten.




  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 5

  The first Saturday after school, an ordinary weekend, good leisure ah!

  Calm noon, can always feel uneasy, is not the calm before the storm. A small move, repeated terrorist attacks, because of my small mistake, let my mother burst out of the primitive wild, I like a prey, and she is a predator, I can only keep avoiding, she will definitely be my endless nightmares.

  My mother forced me into a corner with the tone of swallowing me, aggressively scolded me, when I really wanted to dig a hole in the wall to escape, but in reality I could do nothing, I could only hope that the storm led by the mother passed earlier, but she is a wildfire, the wind blows, and can be reborn. Every time I talk back, she finds another opportunity to criticize me. But the grass will burn out, the wind will blow, and finally, under my sweet words, my mother calmed her anger. Fortunately, my eloquence and patience are good, and I survived the first night under the wind, because this will only be the beginning, the beginning of a long night!

  Today is the beginning night of a terrible nightmare, and who knows what difficulties I will have to deal with next time. In short, today is really scared, hoping that next time I can survive.





  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 6

  I will never forget this event - I went to Green Pine Ridge to play.

  That day I and the students of the hosting class took a bus to the East China Sea Qingsongling. We got out of the car and gathered, because we were going to find the tent together. Where the hell is the tent? Were gonna have to find it ourselves! After finding the tent, we began to play the game of "roll the hoop". We held in our hands an iron bar and an iron ring with three little rings in the ring. Put the iron bar behind the three small rings, push your left hand forward, and you can roll. I never played well at first, but I still enjoyed playing.

  In the evening, we had barbecue, eggplant, mutton, pork, chicken wings... They all taste so good.

  After the barbecue, we started the song and dance party again. There were a lot of people singing, and only a few people were warming themselves up by the fire. The most affectionate is "Lu Binghua", the most crazy is "Society Yao", the medium is "Desert Camel".

  It was a wonderful day...






  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 7

  Since 8 o clock in the morning, my mother sent me to the cram school. After four hours of tutoring, dad took me to the Spring Garden Hotel and said it was to celebrate Mothers Day. Now I got a coke! Quickly grabbed the menu, immediately ordered four squab and a cowboy bone, said: "Not to celebrate, do not order more how can it?" Mother see I like to eat squab, also had to place an order.

  After a while, the dish was eaten by us all at once, and my father was a little trapped and said: "Do you eat the cell?" Im a little sleepy and want to go home to bed!" We were full and wanted to go home, so Dad drove us home.

  When I got home, Dad went to bed, but I wasnt that free. I had to make plans for my afternoon. I had to ask my friends to come to my house! This is not can play!

  Put your money where your mouth is! I ran to the phone, called my good friend Octopus (nickname), asked him to come to my house to play, he did not hesitate to agree. So we played from 4 o clock to 5:30, play to the mobile phone are hot, and finally dad called us to stop, we did not play mobile phones.

  This is my day, ordinary and beautiful...






  MyDay我的'一天英语作文带翻译 8

  This morning I got up at 7:30, got dressed, cleaned my teeth and washed my face. Today, there was breakfast at school, so I went straight to school.

  After I went to school to finish the exercise, began to eat breakfast, breakfast is very rich, there are eggs, soy milk, bread, and meat buns, I tasted it, too delicious to eat really fragrant. After breakfast, 8:15 on the first class, after class I do not want to stay in the classroom, and friends go down to play, the bell rang, I quickly ran to the classroom, the second class is math, the teacher did games and exercises. Three classes are physical education class, this class we are doing games, we play relay race, also play on the grass, some play flower basket, some play hopscotch, four classes is a Chinese class, the Chinese teacher assigned a homework, the teacher taught us a lot of knowledge, 12:00 clock school.

  At 2:30 PM, we went to the music, I learned to sing "Light rain" and "Cuckoo" two songs, every day at 4:10 to pack up the bag waiting for school, 4:15 my mother in the grass opposite the school waiting for me to go home, every minute in the school is very interesting, I look forward to the arrival of tomorrow.


  我到学校做完操之后,开始吃早餐,早餐挺丰富的,里面有鸡蛋·豆浆·面包·还有肉包子,我尝了一下,太美味了吃的真香。 吃完早餐,8:15分就上第一节课,下课我不愿呆在教室,就和朋友下去玩,上课铃声一响,我飞快的往教室跑,第二节课是数学,老师做了游戏和习题。 三节课是体育课,这节体育课我们都在做游戏,我们玩的是接力赛跑,还在草地上玩耍,有的玩编花篮,有的玩跳房子,四节课是语文课,语文老师布置一个作业,老师教了我们很多知识,12:00钟放学。


  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 9

  Busy will make people often confused, as if infected by all the busy people, will also make everyone in a hurry and forget things.

  The red sun is busy, busy warm everyone; The teacher is the busiest, busy teaching students; Flowers are also very busy, busy results for everyone to eat.

  Students are also very busy! Some are busy with homework, others are busy playing video games, watching TV and eating breakfast; Parents are busy, busy looking at school work, like my cram school teachers; The cabinet is like a big belly, can put a lot of books, but also let people open and close the switch every day, really busy ah! Unexpectedly, the stairs are also very busy, every day to let everyone walk up and down; The rooster is also very busy, like my mother, will wake me up every day.

  I am busy in tutoring, school, endorsement and housework, because school and tutoring have a lot of things to write, but also to help do housework, my hands are tired! I think my mood is very messy, I dont like busy. Being busy is like hell, it can make people feel like they cant get out.

  A beautiful day is about to begin, but it is always interrupted by busyness. Busy people feel bored and want to get angry. It makes people walk up and down the road.






  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 10

  I am a little boy who grew up under the sea. Now, let me tell you about my day. In the morning, the waitresses in the Crystal Palace would wake me up. After washing, I put on my school uniform (Dragon King three princes dragon robe) and took the Shanghai horse "horse" car to school. The curriculum is rich, octopus will teach art; Turtles can teach; Killer whales teach; Crabs teach and so on.

  At noon, I pressed a button and lunch arrived. So rich! There are stars, coral, sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

  In the afternoon, in order to cooperate with the laboratory class, I unbuttoned a button. The suit became a lab coat. Suddenly, one accidentally spilled alcohol on the ground, causing a fire. I changed my lab coat into a fireproof suit in time, found the firegun and fired several shots into the fire before it went out. It was terrifying.

  School is over, but its up. I swapped my fire suit for a sea suit. And took the Shanghai horse "horse" car back home.

  This is my ocean. Hows that? Isnt that good? When I grow up, I must create this ocean.






  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 11

  My day is colorful and interesting from Saturday morning until after 9 p.m.

  On Saturday, I got up at more than eight o clock in the morning and finished my meal at half past nine. We had breakfast and lunch almost together. It was really delicious, with bean sprouts, fried meat with cabbage, fried tomatoes with eggs...... After dinner, I went to write my school homework for a while, this is the morning.

  At noon, I have to go to extracurricular interest class, extracurricular class time is 2:30 to 5:30, a lot of red lights on the road, I am afraid of being late, finally arrived, fortunately I am not late, at that time is 2:28, I immediately ran to the class after getting off. After the class, the teacher let us draw Qing Dynasty clothes, the teacher talked about the Qing Dynasty clothing is how to draw, talk about a long time I finally understand. I began to draw, at first I think it is difficult, but later more and more, the drawing was put in the class by the teacher. Because good pictures will be put in the class by the teacher.

  In the afternoon, my mother came to pick me up, I saw a person behind the car, that is my cousin, she will come to our home to sleep, I went home like this, to play for a while, eat dinner, watch TV for a while, after a while to sleep.

  This is my day. Its wonderful.






  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 12

  This week, I went to Zhongshan Hot Spring.

  After a winter, when I could finally break through, I couldnt resist rushing up. The first passage was an arch bridge, and I crossed it at once. The second pass is a big lotus leaf on the table, and I jumped like a frog, jumping three times in the past. The third time was a bit strange, like a wall with something to grab on the side, and I passed it a few times. Then came the wooden bridge, and I ran. Then there is the arch bridge, which passes again and again. I like it best. Thats the last one. Because after going up, the back is like a big slide, and the feeling of coming down is particularly cool.

  When we were nearly home, my father asked me to compete with my mother in swimming, and I won several times. Me and my dad won again. Then the three of us play together. Because the speed is different, mom swims 10 meters first, and then swims to my 10 meters, and dad starts swimming again. I swam very fast, thinking: my mother and I are ten meters away, can not catch up. Not necessarily! Im exploding. Im still wearing flippers. Im scared of nothing. I did it first. Then Dad caught up. The final result was my first, my fathers second, but the mother who started first took the last.

  This is my God, Im really happy.





  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 13

  You know what my day is like? Here is my life today, do you see how do you feel?

  In the morning, after breakfast, my father took me to buy food, the market is very busy, people are huge, there are many kinds of food, my father bought my favorite pumpkin, chicken legs, and many kinds of fresh vegetables, and so on after settling the account we will go home.

  At noon, my family went to beef noodle restaurant to eat beef noodles. I havent had beef noodles in years, and the thought of it makes my mouth water. When the boss brought a pot of hot, fragrant beef noodles, I can not help but eat with relish. The noodles are so fragrant, the soup is so delicious, I soon put this basin of noodles swept away, eat my head full of sweat. This beef noodles is really delicious!

  In the evening, I saw my father eating persimmon, he ate persimmon appearance is particularly fun, he peeled a little skin, he used his mouth to suck a mouthful, every mouthful, stop, my mother and I were shocked by my fathers strange appearance. My dad is so much fun! As if in a play, he ate persimmon, spit out the seeds, the appearance is still so funny, such as dad after eating persimmon went to play computer. My mother and I were still giggling.





  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 14

  I am a small butterfly, I am a very important role in nature, just like people can not lack of water, but bees have honey. I have a beautiful appearance, the upper half of the wings are dark orange, the lower half of the wings are blue purple. I am very hard-working, busy all day long: sowing, pollen, just follow me to see our life!

  Our labor

  My partner and I each have our own job. I, for one, collect pollen. On the way I met Fang, "Hey, Fang, what are you doing?" "Hello, out, Im spreading pollen." "So how did you spread it?" "I use a small spoon to put the nectar of the pollen in a small bucket, and then filter the pollen out through the filter stopper." "You are so capable, I am not as careful as you!" "Hey, hey, hey."

  Our dinner

  The sun is going down, the stomach is growling, very hungry, think of honey cake on the food, honey cake filled with honey, our chef is not inferior to human beings, her rice is delicious, let a person can not put down, we all feel that he is particularly good, the family sitting together more happy at night.

  Our life is full of fun, I love nature, I love life!







  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 15

  Some people like to go to the beautiful Hong Kong, and some people like to go to the fun youth park. And I like to go to Shanghai Disneyland.

  In the first semester of second grade, I went to Disneyland with my father and mother. Among them, the most memorable is the Pirates of the Caribbean project.

  We first played floating on the water. There was a cave inside. It was foggy and there was even howling. I thought it might be pirates. Then we took a pirate ship, and on the second floor there was a great deal of glittering gold. However, they were put in the dungeon by pirates, and I was very frustrated. Finally, the pirate ship we were on suddenly slipped down, as if it were sinking into the sea. Inside, several pirates were talking, as if to say, "I will swallow you up in my stomach." Each of us said, "Were going to beat you, were not going to let you succeed." Luckily, we didnt get swallowed up by them.

  Shanghai Disneyland was so fun. I will never forget this wonderful and wonderful trip.





  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 16

  Today is Monday, has been off for three days, after lunch, play chess for a while, feel very bored. Then received a phone call from my aunt, said tomorrow is not clear or March 3, so must go to burn paper today. I immediately said let me go, so my father let me and my mother go (burn paper to women to go).

  So, my mother and I went back to our hometown. On the road, the branches waved to us, the birds sang to us, and the wind mother-in-law accompanied us.

  My mother and I sang songs, a while to the hometown. I thought that Qingming only need to burn some paper, did not expect to carry food, fruit, paper money and other items to the cemetery, the food is offered in front of the grave of relatives, and then the paper money incinerated, for the grave on the new soil, fold a few fresh green branches into the grave, and then kowtow worship, and finally eat wine and food home. At this time, I suddenly remembered Du Mus "Qingming" is written like this! On the way home, I thought: today is not only happy and happy, but also learned a lot of things, really interesting day ah!




  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 17

  Everyone has his own day, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. My day is sad.

  Today is my birthday, but I cant be happy, because dad is going to go out to work, I got up early in the morning, after dinner, dad is going to go, I want to send dad, dad said: "You are at home, dont go to send me on the line." My sister cried to send my father, and my father had to let us go to send him.

  At the station, my father bought a ticket and was ready to get on the bus. My father said to me, "Tingting, you should listen to your mother at home. When you grow up, you should take good care of your body and your sister." Dad said that, he got on the car, I looked at the father left figure, my eyes blurred. Dad! Dad, come back early! Ill take care of myself and my sister!

  I recalled my father he once took me to spring, I will not be able to play with my father, can not fly zheng together, can not see me get a good grade together, the smile on your face, I will not be able to hear you comfort my words, dad, come back early!

  I walked alone in the field, the sky is so blue, I seem to understand the pain of leaving loved ones. Love how great, I stood in the field, loudly said: "Dad, I will wait for you to come back."






  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 18




  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 19

  The sun is shining today, the spring is bright, it is a rare fine weather. I went to the Childrens Palace with my classmate Fang Zijian and our mother.

  Walk to the childrens Palace to see, ah, there are so many people today! Some are already waiting in line to play various entertainment items, some are already playing, and some are tired and sitting on the stool next to them. I played many projects with Fang Zijian. My favorite is to drive a car in "Didi Du Dou City". I picked a red car, sat in it with my seat belt on and my hands on the steering wheel and the accelerator - and off I went. I drove carefully according to the traffic signs, really, turn, slow... I feel like Im actually driving on the road. Its so cool. "Bang!" No! I accidentally hit a small green car driven by Fang Zijian in front. But dont worry, I drive a game car with protection. It seems that we must concentrate on everything we do in the future! It would be bad if it was a real car.

  Then we played the ring, bowling and so on, but also won a lot of prizes! Today is really a happy day!






  MyDay我的一天英语作文带翻译 20

  On Saturday, I got up early, it was only 4:30, I put on my sneakers, rushed out of the house to the city park, where the wind from the sea was cold and cool. I always run with the wind, because running with the wind is not tired, and it is easy.

  I followed the path to a small seaside study, took out one of my favorite book "Book China Festival", this book mainly talks about how ancient people celebrate the festival, there are also some say also can not say, see also have not seen the traditional festival. I cant take my eyes off it, it will take me at least four hours to finish it, but I dont want to leave here at all, so I dont care about anything.

  In the afternoon, I took the basketball and came to the small basketball court at the gate of the community, and I found that the gate of the basketball court was locked. I ran home frustrated, but I still wanted to go out to play, so I took out a dollar coin and went to the bus stop sign to wait for the bus. One minute, three minutes, ten minutes, the bus still did not come, and finally the bus came, I looked down at the watch, my God, it is already six o clock! Well, it was a wasted afternoon.

  Time like water, flow fast, if the class time is so fast is not better ah!